Re Upholstery

Re-upholstery is often the chosen way of refreshing your interior furnishings rather than buying new, as you probably bought it originally as it fitted the purpose so far as size and style, or has a classic intrinsic value.

Having many years of experience in refurbishment of all types of upholstered furniture, our highly skilled crafts people can restore your tired furniture to a standard often higher than original with a fabric choice as wide as your imagination. You can choose a fabric to suit your home to match curtains and compliment your scheme we can even make your upholstered furniture higher, wider, softer or firmer and sometimes make changes to the style.

The process starts with a picture or home visit, so we can roughly judge the work to be carried out and fabric quantity. Once we have given you a firm quote we would ask for a small deposit to confirm the order and stock your chosen fabric. We will give you a start date to collect your furniture, usually in about six weeks, and then your furniture would be away for about 14 working days.
Once at our workshop your furniture is stripped down and any loose joints or weaknesses of the frame can be identified and dealt with.
If there is any re-polishing of the woodwork, this is also done at this stage.

Next, any fillings or springs which need replacing, or adding to, will be done depending on style and period. This could be natural fillings such as hair fibre and cone springs, or foam, Dacron and zigzag springs.
If it was assessed at the time that you would like all the fillings completely replaced, we can issue a fire compliance label also all springing can be renewed.

Now the foundation has been completed, the top cover can be carefully cut and applied to the furniture.
The last process, the cushions whether feather, fibre or foam these bring the final touch, are expertly cut, sewn and filled with their interiors. All the furniture is then covered in plastic and carefully returned to you as experience has shown. A pleased and delighted customer.